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Unleash Yourself

Welcome to AUJERY

Unleash Yourself and discover the value and exquisite beauty of our stunning pieces designed especially for a unique audience.

Those who celebrate the expression of a unique style, the beauty of the imperfect and self-confidence through asymmetry, versatility and originality.

AUJERY creates unique pieces by hand in Spain using recycled 14k and 9k gold, ethically sourced gemstones, and conflict-free diamonds.
Each piece of jewelry is carefully handcrafted with a focus on sustainability and quality, thus guaranteeing its exclusivity and social responsibility.

At AUJERY , we understand that true beauty lies in authenticity.
Each piece of jewelry is a reflection of the uniqueness of its wearer and is created with the intention of enhancing each person's personality, capturing their essence and becoming a tangible symbol to celebrate their identity and empowerment.

This powerful message is encapsulated through peridot, a semi-precious gem present in almost all AUJERY collections, because it symbolizes protection, liberation, growth and strength, four key concepts in its designs.

Based on asymmetry, versatility and originality, AUJERY designs fuse timeless elegance with contemporary designs that represent the freedom of self-expression.



Choosing AUJERY means joining a community of people who value uniqueness, using jewelry as a tool to enhance confidence and self-expression.


At AUJERY , our mission is to enhance your authenticity, bringing jewelry closer to those who value living genuinely, highlighting their unique and disruptive style.


Our vision is to redefine jewelry as a tool to enhance confidence and self-expression. We believe in jewelry as an instrument of independence and investment in oneself.